Latina Pornstar Jasmine Byrne Takes Cock Deeper and Harder than Planned in Oral Sex Videos

Attempted blowjob turns into throat-stretching face fuck
Jasmine still can't get enough, devours cock with relish
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New Sensations

Latina pornstar and notorious nymphomaniac Jasmine Byrne is the recipient of a vigorous throat fucking in these videos from the New Sensations network.

Wanting to give her pussy and ass a rest from the hard pounding they constantly take (see example here), Jasmine was excited to demonstrate her oral sex skills today. She begins to lick and suck her friend's hard cock, tantalizing him with how deeply she takes it. He quickly becomes very excited and decides to have his way with Jasmine Byrne's pretty mouth.

The sexy Latina is startled as he pushes deeper and begins forcing the thick cock into her throat. She is, however, instantly aroused and lets him take complete control. He thrusts deeper and with more power as her throat relaxes and accepts the stretching.

In this way, Jasmine Byrne's attempted blowjob became a classic face fucking. The porn scene from New Sensations shows the hot Latin pornstar at her finest - insatiably horny and receiving a thorough workout from a big dick.